• Right whales

    North Atlantic right whales have been roaming the ocean for thousands of years. Over 800 years of extensive hunting for their valuable baleen and oil resulted in a significant decline in their population. Despite being protected internationally since 1935, the …..

  • What You Should Know About Recycling

    There are obvious facts about recycling that you know along with many unknown facts. Where you live, find recycling stations program that supports communitywide recycling. You should consider to stay interested in reducing environmental waste and learn more about the diverse practices of recycling.

  • Four Things You Can Do With Old Electronics

    Electronic items sometimes become unuseful when people move to new areas or buy new devices. Sometimes the electronic items break and the repairs cost more than a new item costs. The following are some tips for what one can do with electronics such as cell phones, televisions, radios, GPS systems, computers and the like. You can chose from these options if you have items like that, and you wish to successfully rid yourself of them:

  • Northern Right Whales, hunted to near extinction

    Right whales are the rarest of every single extensive whale. There are a few species, however all are recognized by gigantic heads, which can make the grade regarding 33% of their aggregate body length. These whales’ huge heads and jaws …..