Conservation Areas

In 1993, Fisheries and Oceans Canada designated two "Conservation Areas" for North Atlantic right whales, one in the Grand Manan Basin between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia and the second on Roseway Basin, south of Nova Scotia. The main purpose of the Conservation Areas was to raise awareness of North Atlantic right whales, to encourage mariners to avoid these areas if possible and to provide guidance to mariners while they are in the vicinity of right whales. Right whale sightings in the Bay of Fundy can be reported to Fundy Traffic on VHF Channel 14.

Grand Manan Basin Conservation Area in the lower Bay of Fundy

NW 44°45’, 66°35’W
NE 44°45’, 66°18’W
SW 44°30’, 66°35’W
SE 44°30’, 66°18’W

Roseway Basin Conservation Area between Browns and Baccaro Banks

NW 43°05’N, 65°40’W
NE 43°05’N, 65°03’W
SW 42°45’N, 65°40’W
SE 42°45’N, 65°03’W

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