Roseway Basin Area To Be Avoided

One 1 June 2008, Transport Canada implemented the Roseway Basin Area to be Avoided (ATBA), south of Nova Scotia following its adoption by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), a Specialized Agency of the United Nations addressing international shipping. The measure is seasonal and recommendatory for all vessels of 300 gross tonnage and upwards June through December. The aim of this ATBA is to protect the endangered North Atlantic right whale from ship strikes and to enhance maritime safety. See SN.1/Circ.263 1, Canadian Hydrographic Service chart 4003 (2003 edition), Canadian Notices To Mariners and the Caution Mariners placard 2.

Excerpt from Canadian Notices to Mariners (2008) edition Section A.2 (page A5-1)

Roseway Basin Area To Be Avoided

In order to significantly reduce the risk of ship strikes of the highly endangered North Atlantic right whale, it is recommended that ships of 300 gross tonnage and upwards solely in transit during the period of June 1st through December 31st should avoid the area bounded by lines connecting the following geographical positions:

1- 4316'N, 6455'W
2- 4247'N, 6459'W
3- 4239'N, 6531'W
4- 4252'N, 6605'W

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